Superintendent Goals

Adopted:  October 13, 2020

Mission:  A District with heart . . . developing minds

During the 2020-21 School Year, the Dayton Superintendent will:

  1. Through innovative high leverage instructional practices, ensure that all students will be on track
    to graduate and be prepared with a plan for their post-secondary life beyond high school.

  2. Through collaboration with district leaders and community members, and wise use of bond
    dollars ensure that all Dayton school buildings will be safe, comfortable, supportive, and clean
    learning environments.

  3. Through collaboration with the Leadership Team assure collective responsibility for building a
    unity of purpose, communicating a common vision and creating a positive organizational culture.

Success with these goals will be measured by observation/reflection, targeted feedback survey, and survey data.  As a part of evaluation, the Superintendent will provide a document reflecting on these goals and provide evidence of activities and/or outcomes related to any of the above.