Internet Monitoring

Internet Monitoring and Access Options for Families

The Dayton School District is offering new services to help parents monitor their child’s use of their school-issued Chromebooks or iPads, increasing local wireless capacity, and finding additional internet provider options for families

Internet Monitoring Service

The district uses two Internet filtering services called Securly and GoGuardian. Securly is used at the Dayton Grade School and GoGuardian is used at the Dayton Junior High/  High School. The purpose of these is to help keep students safe while using their school-issued Chromebooks or iPads. The district is now offering expanded access of this service for home use. Families can now access Securly Home and GoGuardian Parent. Both of these services allow parents visibility and control of their child’s internet access at home.

Features offered by both services include:

Weekly Updates - Families will receive weekly emails that summarize their child’s previous week of internet activity and searches. They will also be able to see any content that was flagged for bullying, self-harm or suicide.

Real-Time Usage Review – Families who want real-time information about their child’s internet use can download the Securly Home app or GoGuardian Parent app on their mobile device.

Controls and Filters - GoGuardian Parent app and Securly Home app will also give families the ability to modify some internet filter settings during times District issued devices are is being used off-campus. For example, if parents want the Chromebook turned off at 7 p.m. each night, they can set an offline schedule.

Families can sign up for this service by clicking the sign-up forms linked below.

Securly (Dayton Grade School)

GoGuardian (Dayton Junior High/ High School)

Additionally, the district uses the service Bark to monitor student's Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Drive for a variety of content flags. 

Free WiFi

The district is working to expand the wireless capacity at our schools to provide outdoor access. Click here to see maps of WiFi spots around our buildings. Our DSD-GUEST network is an open for use in most parking lots around campus, and provides the same internet security that student receive inside the buildings.

We are also developing a process for families to reserve the use of some limited spaces inside our buildings for those who live in areas inaccessible to the internet. Details will be shared when that process is firm.

Internet Options for Families in Need

The district is working with several local Internet Service Providers to provide low-cost or no-cost connectivity options. Families are encouraged to contact their child's school to learn more about these options. The providers that the district are working with are: