Superintendent Message (English)

Happy Holidays and (almost) New Year!  I really cannot believe that December is upon us and that I am entering my sixth month as superintendent.  I learn more about Dayton and our amazing schools with each passing day and week.

There is so much that I could report on… excellent work that’s been done and anticipation of great things to come!  I would like to share that I am incredibly grateful to be here in Dayton.  Please allow me to express my thanks to you and our community for welcoming me here with open arms.

I would also like to acknowledge:

  • Our School Board for their leadership and trust in me to serve our school community.  

  • Our fantastic leadership team and support staff!  I’ve spent a lot of time with our administrators, secretarial staff, food service staff, and maintenance and custodial staff.  We are very fortunate for their leadership and service to students and staff.  I have said to a number of people that we are here to serve and are truly here for one reason- our children and their success.  Each adult in our organization matters and contributes to our mission to serve our kids.

  • Our wonderful staff of educators!  Our teachers and instructional assistants are truly a gift to our students.  I’ve spent a lot of time out and about- visiting classrooms and observing the work.  I’ve continually been impressed with the care and kindness conveyed to our kids and community.  Our staff are continually learning and implementing high quality instructional practices and our kids are incredibly engaged in meaningful, relevant, and real world work.  I see developing literacy as a top priority- English literacy, mathematical and scientific literacy, and conceptual and mechanical literacy to name a few.  Above all, our kids are learning how to be collaborative problem solvers, and how to use a design thinking framework to tackle problems they are invested in.

  • Our teachers working side-by-side with other instructional staff and our leaders to continually grow their practice.  The learning time spent on Monday mornings during our weekly late starts is vital to our success.  We recently started a K-12 book study where all certified and administrative staff are reading a variety of books to improve our practice.  It is going to be really exciting to see all of the innovations that come from this learning.

  • Our community and ABC Dayton Education Foundation.  This community cares about our schools and the extra support given is noticed and appreciated.  The ABC Dayton Education Foundation is supporting innovative work and recently awarded $16,000 in classroom grants.

I am encouraged each day as I talk to many of you about our schools and the community.  I would invite you to continue to be involved, and if we haven’t yet had a chance to meet, please feel free to reach out to me this winter and spring.  I want to understand what your vision is for our kids.  Continue to ask yourself the question: “What do we want a 25-year-old Dayton High School graduate to look like?”  What opportunities do we want for our kids?

On behalf of all of us at Dayton School District, we wish you Happy Holidays and a great new year in 2018.


Jason Hay